Date & Time: 11-12 December 2014
Venue: E21-G002
Language: English
Organizers: Centre for Studies of Translation, Interpreting and Cognition, University of Macau
Department of English, FAH, University of Macau
About the Symposium: This is the 1st international symposium organized by the Centre for Studies of Translation, Interpreting and Cognition (CSTIC) at the University of Macau. The objective of the Symposium is to provide an international forum for the presentations and discussions of up-to-date theorization, methodologies and projects on cognitive research on translation and interpreting. Invited specialists will approach the topics from different angles, e.g. cognitive sciences, neuroscience, neurolinguistics and so on. It promises to be a fruitful opportunity for exchange of ideas and researches. An edited volume of research papers will be published by Springer.



2014 symposium poster final