Round-Table Seminar: Issues on Cognitive Studies in L2 Acquisition and Translating and Interpreting 
Date 6-7 November 2015
Venue E21-3118
Language English
Organizers Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau
About the Seminar

The round-table seminar looked at issues on cognitive studies in L2 acquisition and translating and interpreting. The invited experts discussed issues concerning current cognitive researches in the above fields, including related historical backgrounds, current trends, theories, methodologies, operational methods and techniques, training of research students, etc., and explored possible but tangible joint research projects between researchers and academics in those fields.The round-table seminar is the beginning of bringing together international expertise, research efforts and resources in second language research and empirical translation studies. The ambition is to look at the interaction of conceptual and procedural processing with particular focus on the cognitive effort involved, paying special attention to the three main languages used in Macao, namely Chinese, Portuguese and English. It would be a joint effort aiming at the highest funding level structured in such a way that there would be a major core project around which smaller satellite projects with separate funding could be organized.