As the only national professional association, Translators’ Association of China (TAC), along with other relevant departments and institutions, developed and issued a host of professional standards and norms of translation which, to some extent, has contributed to and will continue to push for an orderly development of language services industry in China. Nevertheless, related laws with binding force are yet to be developed to ensure the transition of the industry from “a chaotic market” to “a professional autonomy.” Interactive relations between industry norms and prospective laws are explored from the perspective of the sociology of law, and suggestions on the legislation of translation industry are accordingly presented in this talk.


Junfeng Zhao is Ph.D. in forensic linguistics, professor and director of Centre for Translation Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS). Professor Zhao is now the Secretary General of China National Committee for Translation and Interpreting Education, vice president of WITTA, vice director of Legal Translation Committee of TAC, vice chairman of Translators Association of Guangdong Province, China. From 2014 to 2018 he was the dean of the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies (SITS), GDUFS. He has published extensively in translation and interpreting studies, especially in legal translation and court interpreting domains.

Prof. Victoria Lei Lai Cheng, Prof. Zhao Junfeng & Prof. Defeng Li at CSTIC Center